8 Depression Quotes to make sure you will be depressed

Are you feeling depressed about work, love or friendship? Every single human must have experienced depression at a certain point of life. In this post we will write about 8 depression quotes that can somehow reflect the mentality of a depressed person.

8 Depression Quotes to make sure you will be depressed

Waking up can be tough for a depressed person

“Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the most lonely person.” – Anonymous

You may be a very kind person. You may always want to keep everyone happy. But when it comes to depression, it is cruel. Those who always care about the others can be the loneliest person.

“That’s how depression hits. You wake up one morning, afraid that you’re going to live.” -Anonymous

To a depressed person, waking up in the morning is the toughest thing. Having another day to live can be tougher than dying. This is simply because when we are depressed we just couldn’t focus on all the other joy to live.

“If you could read my mind, you’d be in tears.” – Anonymous

If you can look into the soul of a depressed person, it is not surprising that you will be weeping. When we are facing depression in life, the focus of our mind is unbelievable – it will just make us focus on the things that triggered the depression. Yet we couldn’t help shift our focus at all. Isn’t it pathetic?

“Reality depresses me. I need to find fantasy worlds and escape in them” -Noel Fielding

Exactly because we cannot shift our focus away, we want to run into a cave where nobody can find us. When we have depression we want to escape from the world. We do not want to socialize or face anyone.

“I cry because I’m in pain. I smile to pretend I’m not.” -Anonymous

However, the worst thing about depression is that we cannot escape from our normal social lives. Provided that we have a job, our friends. relatives, we cannot escape from the reality. Every day we see a lot of smiley faces in subways, restaurants, on the street, but it comes to no surprise that some of them may be depressed deep inside their hearts.

8 Depression Quotes to make sure you will be depressed

One day feeling may be gone

“One day I decided to live without feelings.” -Anonymous

One danger about depression is that it can potentially swallow us. If we do not face it, it will ruin our lives. When we continuously experience depression, deep inside our subconsciousness may avoid having any feelings. Therefore, when we have depression, we have to understand it and fight with it.

“Depression is like a war. You either win or die trying” – Anonymous

“Before you can see the light, you have to deal with the darkness” -Anonymous

We may not win the battle of fighting depression. Yet we have to try. The first step is to understand our depression – the root cause deep down that triggered our depression. There must be something in our lives that we do not feel good about it. Find it out and face it. Do not let your negative emotions linger too long in the mind.